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Our Roman Blinds


Please read notes to the right before contacting us.

Our Custom made Roman blinds are all beautifully made by our blind maker & all quoted with thermal finishes or linings unless otherwise requested.
If you are not sure how much Custom made Roman blinds will cost check out our pricing tips further down the page, or the comparisons with other types of blinds in the right hand column.

We offer both traditional cord control blinds or an easy to use chain control. The chain control system adds approximately $80 - $160 more per blind depending on size. 
Our Roman blinds come everything you need. 
All brackets & screws are supplied, plus a cleat if you are ordering a cord operated blind. We offer a variety of fabrics & colours.

Our Classic Range suits all situations.The fabric has been especially selected for its good looks, combined with it's easy care properties


Our Linen Look fabric has been chosed for those who want more texture.  This fabric has the appearance of natural Linen, although it's100%  polyester content means you will have better colour fastness & easier care.

If you require Prints or any Other fabrics, we can make any fabrics from the James Dunlop or Warwick ranges. Just let us know the fabric name, if you would like us to quote you a different fabric to those displayed on our site.
Type "Pegasus" into the keyword search.           

View our fabric colours


Pricing Tips.
Roman blinds are quite labour intensive so if you are on a tight budget a roller blinds will be a lower price option. Roller blinds come in thermal finishes if that is your requirement.
See our Roller blind page for fabric colours. Roller blinds will cost about half the price of romans blinds.

For roman blinds, the plain fabrics shown on our website will be the best value & cost less than prints or stripes.

Stripes are a great way of adding some pattern without adding a lot to the cost & stripes look great in Roman blinds.

Not all the stripes shown are the same price. The stripes shown in price order from lowest to highest are:
1. Clarke
2. Truro, Dash, Paddock
3. Bali 

Prints can really add a wow factor to your room & look like a piece of artwork hanging on your wall. Expect to pay a little more for these. There are extra making costs for prints, plus additional fabric is required to pattern match. For a print in a fabric that is the same price per meter as a stripe, allow $30 extra for a blind up to 1350 wide & about $50 extra for a blind 1400 to 2700 wide depending on fabric choice.

It is probably best to start by deciding how you would like to mount the blinds after you have had a look at our measuring instructions.

Please let us know Fig 1 , 2 or 3. when you send through your sizes or the price may not be worked out correctly.

Fig 1 is suitable for windows where mounting outside is not practical.

Fig 2. is suitable if your bwindows are very tall.

Fig 3. is the most common way to mount a Roman blind. If you do not want the folds of the blind to cover the glass, especially if your windows are very short, this will be the best option. Allow for the top of the blind to sit about 230mm above the bottom edge of the top architrave & for the blind to be about 60 -80mm wider than than the window frame.

If you are not sure about the size for Fig 3 measuring, please send us the measurements for the outside size of your window frame telling us you have measured tham as in Fig 2 & include thedepth of the top architrave. Ask us to suggest some sizes. 



Please READ the measuring instructions before requesting a quote.

Also state the MOUNTING METHOD you want to use please.

We cannot quote you if you do not send the correct information.

How to measure Roman blinds

How to install Roman Blinds

How much will it cost?

We often get asked for comparisons between different types of blinds, so here is a rough quide :

Average size window inside fit :

Blockout roller blind               $157
Thermal roller blind               $220
Honey comb cellular blind   $490

Average length window Roman blind fitted as in Fig 3 of our measuring instructions:
Up to 1350 wide:

Plain colours         $265 - $300
Stripes                    $300 - $338
Prints                      $330 - $368

Over 1500 wide:

Plain colours        From $380
Stripes                   From $468
Prints                     From $498

These prices are approximate only & may be less or more depending on the fabric you select.

All roman prices are for custom made, fully lined blinds.
Read our tips for more information.

If you are mounting your Roman blind above the window, any blinds or curtains in the same room will look best if they are mounted at the same height.

We do not recommend Roman blinds going to the floor. The strings at the back can be a hazard if young children are present. It might be worth considering roller blinds or curtains if that is a problem

We can make curtains for your doors in matching fabric to your Roman blinds. The combination can look very good in the same room.

If you would like curtains to match your Roman Blinds, please ask us to quote you those as well.

We can also make matching cushions.  
$20 for a plain cover
$30 for a piped cover