Looking to stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to the latest trends on the home décor front? Updating the blinds in your house is the perfect way to make a simple yet sophisticated statement when it comes to your indoor and outdoor window dressings. Below are four trending blinds options for 2020, as recommended by Easy Blinds: 

1- Roller Blinds 



2-Roller Blinds


There is no doubt that roller blinds have held a longstanding position as the most popular blinds on the market and this will be no different when 2020 rolls around. Creating a modern and contemporary look to your home, roller blinds are custom-made to suit any living space or decorating theme. At Easy Blinds, there are a variety of roller blinds available – including the sunscreen range, blockout range, designer blinds and motorised blinds. For more information on these all-time favourites, visit: https://www.easyblinds.co.nz/blinds-and-shades/custom-made-roller-blinds/


3-Motorised Blinds


With constant advancements in technology and an increase in consumers adopting ‘smart home’ automation systems, motorised blinds have quickly made their way onto the market as a fierce competitor and in 2020 they’re here to stay! Not only can these motorised blinds be controlled with the touch of a button or be set to open and close automatically, but their cordless design makes them child and pet safe. Check out this video showing the smooth operation of these sleek and stylish blinds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=22&v=Z6xNxUdE4Ww&feature=emb_title 



4-Honeycomb Blinds

While New Zealand as a whole makes moves to meet renewable energy goals, the year 2020 will bring about a greater need for products that maximise energy efficiency and reduce costs. According to a recent Consumer NZ test, honeycomb blinds proved to be the most effective type of window treatment in air insulation, due to their cellular design and ability to tightly fit into any window frame. 


With a large colour selection, single and double cell options and bold designs to make a statement, Easy Blinds’ honeycomb blinds are available in translucent, blockout and double cell and are a definite customer favourite. For more info on these energy saving blinds, visit: https://www.easyblinds.co.nz/blinds-and-shades/blinds-shades-honeycomb-blinds/ 

5-Outdoor Blinds



With the New Zealand summer at its peak at the commencement of the new year, outdoor blinds are a necessity for keeping your outdoor area cool and protected from the glaring heat of the sun. They are also just as essential for trapping in heat and creating a welcoming atmosphere during the winter. One trend making its way into 2020 is matching the colour and fabric of your outdoor blinds to that of your home, to introduce a seamless look to your home décor. Visit the following link for more advice on outdoor entertaining trends for 2020: https://www.homestolove.com.au/outdoor-entertaining-trends-2020-20751


To view Easy Blinds’ extensive collection of outdoor blinds, click here: https://www.easyblinds.co.nz/blinds-and-shades/custom-made-outdoor-roller-blinds/


Don’t miss out on these four trending blinds options for 2020 and more, available at Easy Blinds for outstanding prices. With high-quality blinds that are handcrafted right here in New Zealand, you can be sure that, with Easy Blinds, you’re investing in a style of blind that will give you satisfaction for years to come. Enquire now!  


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