Combi Blinds – The All-in-One Blinds

Originally developed in Asia for apartments, combi blinds combine two useful features into one roller blind, letting light in during the day while ensuring privacy at night.

A single combi blind alternates between sunscreen and blockout panels. The sunscreen panels protect the room and its furnishings from direct sun, but they allow enough natural light into the room to keep it warmly lit during the daytime. Once the sun sets and the lights are turned on, blockout panels ensure nighttime privacy by blocking out the view into a room from outside.

Until the development of this all-in-one blind, fitting a room with both a sunscreen and a blockout layer required double roller blinds. A combi blind requires only half the material, allowing you the benefits of both blind types at a more affordable cost and without needing to adjust blinds constantly depending on time of day.

Easy Blinds are able to make the combi blind even more affordable for you because we source our blinds directly from a custom producer: we are able to have your blinds made to order and delivered to you at an exceptional speed and for an exceptionally low price. Our high quality combi blinds are also available in a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

  • Combining sunscreen and blockout features into one blind
  • Versatile and highly affordable
  • Factory sourced
  • Made to measure and fast delivery
  • Available in a full range of colours