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Easy Blinds manufacture blinds for commercial installations all over New Zealand.

Featured are some of our most recent installations.


New premises for Stephenson & Turner Architects

A number of 10% open sunscreen blinds in white, on both sides of the main area, allows plenty of natural light to enhance the work space.

New Market

Office installation of 19 sunscreen blinds in a combination of black & white, to match the client’s decor.

Caring for Smiles

Specialising in Cosmetic Dentistry. Their recent refit includes everything of the latest technology available.

We installed 14 Motorised blinds so the surgeon can operate the blinds by remote control without leaving his position.

High Street Office

The brief for this fitout was to provide blinds which would alleviate sun glare which was reflecting off computer screens, while still allowing light in.


We can do blinds that promote your business.

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