Made to measure roller blinds are superior to ready made blinds in terms of product quality, room fit and the range of options available. 

Having your blinds made to measure ensures that they look and function better. By fitting precisely into window spaces, light and warmth can be properly adjusted, and with customisable fabrics, colours and features, it’s easy to choose a design that looks good in your home. 

Made to measure roller blinds can even save you money in the long run – compared to lower quality, ready made blinds, made to measure blinds will generally last longer and replacement parts are easier to source if they ever are needed. 

To have your roller blinds made up, all you need to do is supply us with the measurements. For standard installations,  just let us know the width and the height of your window frame. Easy guides on what to measure can be found here, and if you aren’t sure about anything then don’t hesitate to call 0800 110 385 for assistance. We are also available over the phone to discuss colour and other design choices for your blinds, or you can book an in home consultation if this is preferable. 

If you have your measurements and are ready for a free quote, simply fill out our quick form and we’ll have your quote ready for you without delay. Alternatively, simply get in touch if you’d like to order via phone or email.