New Zealand born, Don Watkins – the entrepreneur with the proven ability to start up, manage and grow profitable businesses. With over 30 years of senior management experience, Don has successfully guided businesses in agriculture, international trade, distribution and healthcare and has a lot more to offer. Recently completing an eight-year initiative to develop, grow and then successfully exit a specialised rest home business.

Don’s expertise across management and consulting, with business development, business opportunity identification and start-up, are key qualities to this man’s incredible success. Naturally a sharp, fast learner, he is persuasive and adaptable with a diplomatic perspective that is complemented by outstanding team-building and relationship management skills.

Don’s ‘can-do’ attitude, associated by high levels of resourcefulness, initiative and flexibility, have given him the capacity to hit the ground running with the ability to make fast and tough decisions, while maintaining business and performance momentum.

When Don isn’t building empires, the sports loving man enjoys quality time well spent with family and friends – ranging from sailing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, squash and rugby. With his cultural appreciation for classical music, Don has a very giving nature and makes generous ongoing contributions to a charity for children in need. Giving back to the community brings great levels of gratitude to Don.

Nowadays, Don is the CEO of one of New Zealand’s top selling blinds companies, Easy Blinds. Since the birth of the business in early September 2014, Don has topped the ranks with his trending blinds, outstanding customer service, speedy delivery, quality hassle free quotes and a strong team working alongside him. There’s no wonder this man is well liked all over New Zealand and across Asia with a highly successful turnover rate for businesses!


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Address: 2 Wagener Place, St Lukes, Auckland, New Zealand