Zebra blinds are the 2020 trending innovative blinds, made from light-weight sheer fabrics that combine opaque and mesh fabric panes to form a double layered blind! The unique design of the blind allows the different layers to move, creating a unique level of light and privacy. They can also be completely open or closed, or rotated to allow a viewing between the panes!

Zebra blinds are not only easy to install but Easy Blind’s offer installation in selected regions. These beautiful blinds are not only wonderful for your home but for the office space as well, as they provide the indoors with a softened light while you’re working away at your desk!

Some of the amazing features and benefits behind the reason WHY these trendy blinds are a top pick, include:

  • Two blinds in one
  • Easy to open and control light
  • Single chain control to close and raise blinds
  • Light filtering and dim-out options available
  • Glare is reduced and the harshness of daylight is softened
  • Lineal vision that maintains your view
  • Can be raised or lowered to any desired height, similar to a roller blind
  • Comes with a standard universal bracket
  • Easy Blinds offers a beautiful range of textures to satisfy your inner designer

With your new sunscreen zebra blinds, you can easily adjust not just the level of light coming into your home but the level of privacy. With the simple pull on the rotating cord, you can achieve that pinpoint level of privacy you desire!

If zebra blinds sound like they would suit your next project then give Easy Blinds a call or use the form on their website to discuss the option and compare it to other blind types. Easy Blinds offer a free consultation and quote. Not only can they help you make the right choice when it comes to blinds, but they can professionally install your new solution – within the Auckland area.

With the summer sun on the rise, why not protect your family from the harsh rays by calling Easy Blinds today on 0800 110 385 for your free quote! Their beautifully designed blinds will not only complement the interior decor of your home but keep it well shaded this season! Get in fast and don’t miss out on Easy Blinds’ summer special today. Enquire now!

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