Why not treat yourself this Christmas with Easy Blinds’ Thermocell Blinds? These elegant additions to your home are a wonderful way to allow soft light to drift in, without you and your family suffering from the harsh glare of the sun! Smart and contemporary, they also provide thermal properties which help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm throughout the winter.

Thermocell blinds raise to a small, neat stack that allow you to enjoy even more of the view outside! The slimline head rail is perfect to fit inside windows with little or no reveal depth. Plus, the tight fitting into the window allows for maximum coverage with a minimal gap on each side, creating a sleek and stylish look.

The unique cellular construction of these blinds is manufactured from high quality polyester fabric, which creates a pocket of air to naturally reduce the transfer of heat. This makes thermocell blinds a great insulator for any room of your home, as they keep the temperature consistent.

There is a massive call for thermocell blinds this coming season, so don’t miss out on this high demanding home addition and call Easy Blinds now for your free quote and pre-Christmas delivery! All thermocell blinds are available in multiple colours, textures and fabrics and Easy Blinds can help you to select the perfect ones to suit your every need and control the temperature of the inside of your home. Contact the Easy Blinds team at one of the links below to inquire now!

Easy Blinds can provide you with personalised blinds – ranging from cordless for child safety, day and night, top down/bottom up, bathroom, shaped windows, light filtering in lounge, skylight window, vertical, modern lounge, room darkening and most of all increased insulation. With outstanding customer service and reputable quality products:

“No one will look after you like Easy Blinds!”

For more info on Easy Blinds’ thermocell blinds, visit:   https://www.easyblinds.co.nz/blinds-and-shades/blinds-shades-honeycomb-blinds/


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